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How to Clean a Heavily Soiled Carpet?

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Carpets, the invited havens of our home, are often subjected to the daily grind of life. From muddy footprints and pet accidents to spilled drinks and lingering dirt, carpets endure a constant barrage of dirt and grime. 

Though regular vacuuming keeps the carpet clean, a heavily soiled carpet demands a more thorough approach, and this blog will explain to you what that approach is. Here, we have explained step-by-step methods to treat your heavily soiled carpet. 

Step-By-Step Guide To Treat A Heavily Soiled Carpet 

Inspect The Carpet Properly 

Before you grab some cleaning solutions and equipment to treat your heavily soiled carpet, make sure to inspect it properly. Inspecting the carpet lets you know which areas require more attention or helps you assess the extent of soiling. 

This information is crucial for determining the amount of cleaning solution or shampoo required for your carpet. Over-cleaning or under-cleaning can lead to unsatisfactory results. 

Moreover, while assessing, take a look at its care label so you can clean it the right way as suggested.

Begin By Vacuuming The Carpet

Once you’ve inspected your carpet thoroughly, bring your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming it. It removes loose dirt and soil from the fibres, which, in turn, makes the cleaning process easy and effective for you. Vacuum at least 3-4 times and cover the entire carpet area from all sides.

Next, Pre-Treat The Stains 

So, as you have done the vacuuming, it’s time to treat the stains quickly before jumping directly on the main action. Here, you’ll need to make a DIY cleaning solution. 

Take equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and add 1-2 drops of liquid dish soap. Mix the solution well and apply it to the stained area. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, following which, simply blot it up using a microfiber cloth.

Now, Start Deep-Cleaning 

A heavily soiled carpet demands deep cleaning treatment at any cost. Deep cleaning removes embedded dirt and grime. This helps to maintain the carpet’s clean appearance for a long period. 

For deep cleaning a heavily soiled carpet, a shampoo treatment is one of the best carpet cleaning methods. Purchase a good-quality carpet cleaning shampoo and test it in an inconspicuous area first to know its credibility. If all seems fine, apply it on your carpet and allow it to sit as per the instructions on the product. 

After that, brush the carpet properly to work the shampoo deep inside the fibres before scrubbing it away. However, in some cases, if your carpet is extensively soiled when even shampooing does not seem to work, you should opt for professionals. 

Allow The Carpet To Dry Properly 

In the end, let your carpet dry completely. For this purpose, you can open the doors and windows to allow air circulation or utilise fans. Also, avoid walking on the carpet strictly until it gets back in a usable condition. 


Clean carpets are an important source in improving the overall aesthetic of your home. However, due to several reasons, they often get heavily soiled, which, in turn, degrades their appearance. 

Therefore, it is essential to treat them as soon as possible. With the help of the step-by-step tips explained in this blog, you can treat your heavily soiled carpet much more effectively and help maintain its shine.

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