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How to Make a Wig Real

Knowing how to make a wig appear natural is often a worry for existing wig wearers or those considering purchasing one. So, in this article, we’ll go through the step-by-step process of creating a natural-looking wig, the whole process from pre-purchase to after wearing.


Measure Your Head Circumference

Make sure you measure your head circumference before purchasing a wig, this will allow you to get a more suitable wig that is not too big or too small, make sure it fits tightly to your hairline. Remember that achieving a natural look requires the suitable wig.

Synthetic Wig Vs Human Hair Wig

It can be difficult to decide between human and synthetic hair. But as wig technology improves and ingredients are enhanced, synthetic wigs are made to look more and more like real human wigs, and it is hard for people to tell the difference between them. Cheap synthetic wigs could shine artificially, but the bulk of them resemble real hair. Although the visual quality of synthetic wigs is excellent, human hair wigs have a more realistic-feeling texture. So, if you don’t care about the price, we still recommend that you try to buy a human hair wig. However, if you are on a budget, it is perfectly fine to buy a synthetic wig, and the following will explain how to make a synthetic wig look more realistic.

Synthetic wig are made out of man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon,sometimes you may have observed that certain synthetic wigs seem to be a little too shiny, The shine on a wig might seem unnatural. So how to remove the shine from a synthetic wig.

Using Dry Shampoo

It is a remedy for shine synthetic hair care in order to tone down the shine. You can spray it in your hand and then smooth it over the hair. Since it won’t harm the wig, you can spray little quantities at a time and build it up gradually until you have watch the shine fade and achieve the desired appearance.

Applying Talc Powder Or a Baby Powder.

It is another effective remedy for shine synthetic wig. Talc powder can make hair matte. Lightly dust in the powder and work your way through the hair. Be careful not to apply too much product as this can dull your wig to the extreme! After applying the powder, shake and shimmy your wig to get rid of any extra powder by taking it outdoors or other places

Opt For From Lace Front Wigs And Mono Wig

Mono wig is called that way because the cap is composed of monofilament, an extremely tiny mesh. This mesh is airy, comfortable, and almost undetectable, It takes on the color of the scalp and looks like it’s growing naturally. Overall, A mono or monofilament wig is the most realistic-looking hairpiece.

Lace front wigs are a good selection ,too. It has a sheer mesh lace base, giving you the illusion of a natural hairline, while giving you more options when parting your hair due to more lace area, allowing for more hairstyles to be achieved. However, when it comes to lace options it is best to choose a color close to your skin tone to ensure authenticity. Want know How To Cut Lace On A Lace Frontal Wig? We’ve got you covered.

Before Wearing a Wig

Bleach The Knots And Pre-Pluck The Hairline

When you first get a wig home, take a look at the knots at the base of the hair. If the knots are obvious, you need to bleach them before plucking. You may easily bleach knots by making a bleach paste, applying it to the wig lace’s underside, waiting 15 to 30 minutes, and then rinsing it off.

Whether a wig is made by hand or by machine, it has one common problem: it’s too flawless.

Think of a wig that hasn’t been plucked—the hairline is typically super straight, If you look at your natural hairline, you’ll see that the hairs aren’t all the same length. So you need to pre-plucked the hair line to achieve natural-looking.

Secure your wig on a wig stand. Make sure use enough pins to secure the lace.

Using styling foam to the hairline, brust hair back and clip it back

Part small sections near the temple area, then start to pluck the hairline With reference to your own hairline.

p.s.: If you think these methods are too complicated and troublesome, the wig market has a lot of pre-bleached and pre-plucked wigs for you to choose from.

Braid Your Own Hair

Before wearing a wig, style your own hair in a protective style, such as braids, to hide as much of your hair as possible, then wear the wig, choosing a natural hair color that blends in with your skin tone if possible, and a hair texture that is more conservative if possible, Choose from curls more akin to natural hair.

After Wear a Wig

  • Find inspiration from your own real hair

observe your own hair will find that it will not be as perfect as the wig so flawless, is not the same thickness from top to bottom, nor is it the same length from front to back. It has more layers, and there will be a lot of messy irregular fiber-like baby hair, so may try to trim your wig, adjust the length’s density up and down, especially the hair around the forehead and temple, be sure to be trimmed. it will make your wig more realistic.

  • Learn to cover up

If you are worried about your wig trimming skills, afraid to messing up your wig. and don’t want to trim your wig, then try to wear some hair accessories and remember Cover up wherever it’s false.


All of these methods are newbie friendly and easy to follow. So go ahead and apply them to your wig as soon as possible.

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