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The Easiest Way to Open Multiple PST Files without Outlook

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Unlike many others, are you also looking for an expert solution to open multiple PST files without Outlook? If so, you landed on the correct page.

In this blog, we will provide a solution recommended by professionals to search and open PST files without installing Outlook. Using the solution, the user can view, search, read Outlook .pst with attachments.

Also, all your queries on “How do I open PST files without Outlook?” They are solved in simple 5 steps. You can also accomplish the following task:

  1. Can you open multiple pst file without Outlook?
  2. How can I open a PST file without Outlook?
  3. Can I search a PST file without Outlook?
  4. Open PST File Without Office Outlook In Windows 10?

Searching for multiple PST files without installing MS Outlook is very simple using the File Converter Software. The tool is specially designed to open and read the contents of the PST file without Outlook. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that any user can access. Also, the tool is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

Now, let’s understand the complete process to filter PST file without Outlook using the PST File Viewer tool.

How to Open Multiple PST Files without Outlook?

Users can easily search, open and view the contents of PST file without the Outlook application by following the step-by-step guide. So, follow the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Download and run Outlook PST File Viewer Tool on Windows machine.
  2. The application directly gets opens. Now, click on the Open button and choose Email Data Files.
  3. Now, from the given options, choose and browse Outlook PST files. The tool provides a complete preview of the PST files with attachments as shown in the Screenshot.
  4. Now, check the Advanced search option from the top.
  5. Here, you can see the software provides multiple filters to search PST files without Outlook. Choose emails option in the Search In.
  6. Search multiple PST files without Outlook by email address, time, to, from, cc, and more. Then, click on the Find option to start the process.

Therefore, in this easy way, you can search and open multiple PST files without Microsoft Outlook. It is one of the best techniques to view PST file without Outlook application. Also, the user does not require technical assistance for the task.

Try the Tool for Yourself

The PST File Viewer comes with a demo version that any user can download to know its operation and features. With the free trial version, the user can search 10 emails from PST files without the installation of MS Outlook. When you are satisfied, activate the tool’s license key to search multiple PST files without Outlook.

Highlighted Features of PST File Viewer Tool

  1. The tool has a direct approach and searches the contents of PST file without Outlook.
  2. It is one of the easiest methods to open multiple PST files without Microsoft Outlook.
  3. The user can view and open PST files anywhere, at any time using the PST File Viewer.
  4. It helps you to preview data such as emails, attachments, tasks, etc. in PST file format.
  5. The compact view option is very useful for the user. They can only see the desired data from the PST file in the interface.
  6. The PST File Viewer comes with a dual option: Quick Search and Advance Search. These search options allow the user to find some word or text within their Outlook PST data.
  7. It is one of the best tools for a forensic investigator. First, it is portable. Also, they can search for specific details in PST files using multiple filters.
  8. The tool is a reliable product. Provides a preview of email attachments, email headers and meta properties such as To, CC, BCC, Subject, From and more.

Frequent Asked Question

  1. I am on a business trip. My administration department shared a PST file that contains some important emails received. How can I check and open the PST file without Outlook?

Ans. Download and run the PST File Viewer software on your machine to view all PST files without the installation of Outlook.

  1. Does the tool has file size limitations?

Ans. No. The Pro version of the software has no limitations.

The Closure

Here in the above blog, we explain the best way to open multiple PST files without Outlook. You do not need any external installation with the tool. It is an independent product. The tool is tested. Also, the application provides 100% accurate results with maintained data integrity.



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