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What happens when you permanently delete an email on Outlook?

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Several times, users lose their mailbox data by human mistakes or any other reasons. In so many scenarios users delete their crucial data by default and regret it afterward. The amazing news is that you can easily recover and permanently delete an email on Outlook by using simple techniques as we have mentioned in this post.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most useful email applications to fulfill their user requirement. Whatever the requirement, if the user deleted their mailbox data it can easily be recovered after reading this post.

How to Restore Permanently Delete an Email on Outlook Manually?

If you have deleted Outlook emails before than 30 days then you can proceed manually as shared below:

  • Run Outlook on your windows computer.
  • Go to the deleted items folder in the list of left menu.
  • Now, choose email as you wish to restore.
  • Finally, set path and press restore to get output quickly.

Why Should Users Avoid Manual Technique?

  • It sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t work.
  • Users must have advanced technical information to operate this process.
  • This manual technique is only suitable to restore emails before 30 days.

How to Recover Permanently Delete an Email on Outlook Via Automated Solution?

If you have deleted Outlook emails more than 30 days ago then there is no manual solution available to restore. So, we recommend you to proceed with SysTools Outlook PST Recovery is an excellent solution and allows you to restore deleted emails without losing any information.

  • Download software on your pc then open it.
  • Browse the PST file and insert it into the software panel.
  • Choose email as shown in red mark to restore.
  • At last, set path and press export to get output quickly.

Other Benefits of Using Automated Solution

  • It allows you to recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook.
  • This software is very easy to handle by all types of technical and beginner users.
  • It creates a new PST file with restored emails without affecting the insert PST file.
  • With this solution, you can also convert selective mailbox data and also help to skip unnecessary files.
  • You can also convert PST to EML, MSG and many more export features with restored emails.


In this guide, we have shared both manual and automated solutions to recover permanently deleted emails on Outlook. You can proceed with any of them as per your needs. As manual solutions have lots of limitations. So, we recommend you to opt for an automated solution to complete the process without any trouble.


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