BlogBurma Ruby vs Pigeon Blood Ruby: A Comprehensive Guide

Burma Ruby vs Pigeon Blood Ruby: A Comprehensive Guide

The passionate and powerful gemstone known as the ruby gemstone has always held a special allure for mankind. There are many different varieties of this red stone, but Burmese rubies and Pigeon’s Blood rubies stand out for their exceptional quality and striking color. This comprehensive guide will take you into the fascinating world of gemstones so that you can learn all about them and their unique characteristics.

The Difference

Let’s begin with the journey of the difference between two magnificent gemstones:

Remarkable Burmese ruby.

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is recognized for its exceptional rubies, and these stones are known as Burma ruby gemstones. They are prized for the beautiful “star” shape they reveal when properly cut, as well as their deep, vibrant red color and fine, silky inclusions. Royalty and collectors have been looking for these rubies for a very long time because of their historical value.

The color pigeon’s blood ruby is sacred.

Instead of referring to the source of the ruby, the term “Pigeon’s Blood Ruby” describes the distinctive color. Pigeon’s blood gemstones are a rare kind of ruby that can be found in a range of colors and settings. Many people draw parallels between this shade and the rich scarlet of recently murdered pigeon blood to describe its uniqueness.

What role does color play?

The hue is the most noticeable distinction between Burma ruby gemstones and Pigeon’s Blood rubies.

  • Burmese rubies are known for their warmer red color, thus the name “Burmese Red.” This shade, which is more orange-red in tone than red, is famous for its depth and intensity.
  • Pigeon’s blood is the ruby of pigeons Rubies, on the other hand, are a colder, deeper red with a somewhat bluish or purplish undertone. This color, ruby, is considered the absolute best there is.

Specifications and Contents

Inclusions or internal defects are possible in both Burmese and Pigeon’s Blood rubies. In contrast to the opaque Pigeon’s Blood Rubies, the transparent Burmese Rubies are highly sought after for their star-shaped inclusions. Inclusions in Burmese rubies are often seen as a desirable quality that contributes to the stones’ unique allure.

Pigeon’s Blood rubies are extremely rare and much sought after due to their exceptional color. The factors that contribute to the higher market value of these rubies are their attraction toward color and tone and their relative rarity. Due to so much diversity in the color variety, Burmese rubies have a high price and white spread recognition. As the color of Pigeons Blood Ruby is purely red and it has a lack of flaws, they are more expensive even if they are compared with the best quality Burmese rubies.

Capitalization and costing

Although there are many options to purchase the rare gems, Pigeon’s Blood Rubies and Burmese rubies are two of the best of all. As they are rare in nature, that’s why the price increases steadily over time. They also have a high demand in the market but a limited supply. Although the financial status of Burmese rubies, which have exceptional color and clarity, has considerable importance,


The Burmese and Pigeon Blood Rubies are beautiful and rare, so they have a high market value. Burmese rubies have star-like inclusions, due to which they are highly sought after and have historical significance. However, pigeon blood rubies are appreciated due to their stunning and attractive tone. Anyone who likes Pigeon’s Blood Rubies or the Burmese Rubies shows their classical elegance, taste, and respect for the beauty of the natural world. Browse our collection at Navratan Gemstones to explore these gemstones.

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