TechnologyDoes Outlook 365 support EML files?

Does Outlook 365 support EML files?

If you are here then definitely you have multiple EML files and want to open them in Outlook. If so, don’t worry you need to read this post to get correct information about the process to access EML Files into Outlook.

EML is an electronic mail and it stores individual email messages. It allows you to access different email clients like Thunderbird, eM Clients, Windows Live Mail and many more. 

On the other hand , Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and mostly useful for business users. It contains its complete mailbox in PST file format. If you want to insert EML files into Outlook then you need to opt EML to PST Converter to convert into Outlook default PST format and easily import in Outlook.

Reason to Transfer EML Files into Outlook

  1. When you have batch EML files then it’s too tedious to manage all of them.
  2. EML files contain a single email message. It means when you have a thousand emails then you have a thousand EML files.
  3. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most secure, safe and protected email applications.

How to Access EML Files into Outlook Manually?

When you have a large number of EML files required to transfer in Outlook then you can easily drag and drop EML files in Outlook. Now, follow the instructions as we have mentioned below:

  • Run Outlook and make a separate folder in it.
  • Open the EML folder and select as you wish to transfer.
  • Now,  hold the cursor on the chosen EML file and drop it into Outlook.
  • EML files have been successfully transferred in Outlook.

Limitations of Manual Solution

  1. It will consume lots of time and be a very lengthy process.
  2. Users must have technical knowledge to handle this operation.
  3. This manual technique is only suitable for a few EML files.
  4. EML files will show as an attachment in Outlook.
  5. Data can be exported, but attributes may be lost.

How to Access EML Files into Outlook Via Automated Solution?

As you see, there are lots of limitations available in the manual technique. So, we recommend you to choose SysTools EML Converter is an excellent solution and allows you to convert single or batch EML files without losing any bit of information. This wizard is specially designed with advanced programming to get accurate output without losing any bit of information.

  • Download the wizard on your system then open it.
  • Browse EML file and insert into the software interface.
  • Now, choose Outlook PST File in the list of export types.
  • Finally, set the path and press export to get output quickly.

Advantages of Using Automated Solution

  1. It maintained the mailbox data structure the same as before the conversion. Also, PST File Converter offers strong protection to prevent changes during the process.
  2. This wizard is very simple to handle by all types of technical and individual users.
  3. You can also convert EML to PDF, TXT, HTML, MBOX and many more export options.
  4. With this tool, you can also convert specific mailbox data and also helpful to skip unnecessary files.
  5. There is no need to download additional applications to complete the process.

Final Verdict

In this guide, we have shared the solution to access EML files into Outlook manually and automated solutions. If you need to transfer a few EML files in Outlook then you can proceed manually. Otherwise, you need to opt for an automated solution to complete the process without any trouble.


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