How Long Does it Take to Recover from Knee Replacement Surgery?

    As per the medical experts, it takes around six months to fully recover after a knee replacement surgery. Depending on the age and health condition, the recovery period might increase. If you have undergone a partial knee replacement, you will need a shorter recovery time.  

    Here are some suggestions you may implement to support faster recovery. This article will help you understand what affects your recovery period and how you can get on your feet sooner after a knee replacement surgery

    Medical Advice on Recovering from the Surgery 

    After the operation, you will recover gradually. You will be given specific medications to deal with the pain after the anaesthesia effects run out. The pain will be intense, for which the doctors will give you painkillers to battle the soreness.  

    While recovering at the hospital, physiotherapists and nurses will be helping you throughout the process. You will soon be able to start walking, and upon satisfactory recovery results, the doctors will release you. At the start, you will be given walking aids for better balance and support while.  

    Medical Advice on Recovering from the Surgery at Home

    Now that your wound is healing fine and you are already on your feet, you will be discharged and allowed to rest at home. Most patients can go home after 2 to 3 days of knee replacement surgery

    Before you leave, occupational therapists or physiotherapists will advise you on some of the daily activities you must do. Apart from that, they will also educate you on some of the specific exercise programmes to aid your faster recovery. It will help develop your knees’ strength and support enhanced movements over time. 

    After a few days (as prescribed by your surgeon) of knee replacement surgery, you have to visit the hospital  to remove the clips or stitches. After the 6-week window, you will go for a follow-up medical appointment to determine your recovery status. The doctors will help you understand how well you have recovered and what needs to be done to speed up the process. 

    If you are keen to resume active sports, you should talk to your doctor before resuming them. 

    Dos and Don’ts While Recovering from a Knee Replacement Surgery

    Your knee and body will gain enough strength over time for you to get back to a normal life. It is a long process, and the pain will gradually go away in about 4 months. As per experts, there are some dos and don’ts that you must follow to support a healthy recovery cycle. They are as follows:


    • Make sure to use walking aids, such as a stick, after you are discharged from the hospital. Continue using it until you feel confident enough to walk without it. You might have to wait around 6 weeks before attempting to walk without aid. 
    • Keep yourself mobile. It is to prevent any risk of blood clots. 
    • In case of partial knee replacement surgery, wait for around three weeks before you resume driving, and six weeks in case of total knee replacement. 
    • Follow the exercise routines as specified by your medical expert or physiotherapist for healthy recovery. 
    • Return to work only when you feel fit enough for it, considering the type of work you do. You can probably consider the same after 6 to 12 weeks of the surgery. If you work in a physically intensive setup, consult your doctor before resuming the same. 


    • Avoid sitting with crossed legs for at least the first six weeks after surgery.
    • Avoid keeping a pillow under the knee while you sleep or lie in bed. There’s no such specific sleep position that you are meant to follow. 
    • Avoid kneeling on the operated knee.
    • Try to take enough rest and avoid standing for a long time to prevent swelling.
    • Household chores like lifting heavy objects or moving anything should be avoided for the first three months after surgery.  


    A successful knee replacement surgery can give you a pain-free and mobile life for the next 15 to 20 years. Considering that six months of recovery is not a bad thing! 

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