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Is Outlook on Mac the same as Outlook on Windows?

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Outlook offers both platforms for communication on Mac and Windows. Both platforms are similar to each other but the difference comes between their file extension to download mailbox data. On Mac, OLM files are used to store mailbox data while PST used on windows to store mailbox data. 

If you want to transfer mailbox data from Outlook on Mac to Windows then you need to convert Outlook Mac into Outlook default PST format by using OLM to PST Converter. So, you need to keep reading this post to know the right information to end this issue.

Reason to Transfer mailbox data from Outlook on Mac to Windows

  1. When a user wants to access their old OST file.
  2. If you have decided to migrate from Mac to Windows but want to keep continuing with Outlook.
  3. Sometimes, users want to share their mailbox data with co-workers but they are still using Outlook for windows.

How to Transfer Mailbox data from Outlook on Mac to Windows Manually?

If you have both windows and Mac platform with installed Outlook then you can proceed manually as we have shared below:

  • Run Outlook on Mac and click on Add Account.
  • Now, add a new IMAP account with it.
  • Transfer mailbox data from Outlook Mac to IMAP account.
  • Now, Configure Same IMAP account with Outlook for windows.
  • Migrate all mailbox data as you have transferred from Outlook on Mac to windows.
  • Now, you can access Outlook for Mac mailbox data in Windows.

Limitations of Using Manual Solution

  1. It needed lots of time and was a very complex process.
  2. Users must be compelled to hire technical experts to handle this solution.
  3. During configuration, there is a high possibility of data loss.

How to Transfer Mailbox data from Outlook on Mac to Windows Via Automated Solution?

If you have not available both platforms and want to share Mac Outlook data with Windows users. Then, you need to opt SysTools OLM Converter is an excellent choice and allows you to convert batch OLM files without losing any bit of information.

  • Download the tool on your pc then open it.
  • Browse OLM file and insert into the software panel.
  • Tap on Outlook PST File in the list of export types.
  • At last, set path and press export to get output quickly.

Other Prominent Features of Using Automated Solution

  1. It maintained the same mailbox data structure as the original. Also, PST File Converter offers strong security to prevent changes with original data.
  2. This wizard is very easy to handle by all types of users without hiring any technical expert.
  3. You can also easily import OLM to Windows Outlook.
  4. With this wizard, you can also convert selective files and also useful to skip unnecessary data.
  5. There is no need to install any additional software to find in this solution.

Time to Wind Up

In the post, we have shared the process to transfer mailbox data from Outlook on Mac to Windows by manual and automated solution. You can proceed with any of them as per requirement. As there are lots of limitations available in the manual technique. So, we suggest you proceed with an automated solution to complete the process without any trouble.

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