MBT Ireland Unveils a World of Bathroom Tile Possibilities

    Northern Ireland – Step into a world of bathroom tile wonder at MBT Ireland, the leading destination for transforming your space into a sanctuary of style and functionality. Forget the ordinary; MBT curates an unparalleled collection of tiles, catering to every design dream and budget.

    Bathroom tiles in Northern Ireland 

    Unleash Your Inner Architect: Whether you crave the timeless elegance of marble or the contemporary chic of porcelain, MBT Ireland has your vision covered. Explore a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and patterns, from sleek large-format slabs to handcrafted mosaics that whisper a touch of artisanal flair.

    Beyond the Walls: MBT understands that bathroom tiles are more than just aesthetics. They’re the foundation for creating a space that’s as practical as it is beautiful. Discover innovative solutions for wet rooms and showers, anti-slip options for ultimate safety, and durable materials that stand the test of time.

    A Journey of Inspiration: MBT’s expansive showroom in Newry is more than just a store; it’s an immersive experience. Wander through thoughtfully designed displays, where each tile tells a story and sparks your imagination. Seek expert advice from their friendly and knowledgeable team, who are passionate about helping you craft the perfect bathroom haven.

    More Than Just Tiles: MBT Ireland is your one-stop shop for all things bathroom. From luxurious sanitaryware and statement bathtubs to sleek fixtures and contemporary mirrors, they offer everything you need to bring your vision to life.


    • “At MBT Ireland, we believe your bathroom should be a reflection of your unique style and personality,” says [Name], owner of MBT Ireland. “We offer a curated selection of tiles and bathroom products that empower you to create a space that’s as beautiful as it is functional.”
    • “[Customer testimonial about their experience at MBT Ireland]”

    Call to Action: Visit MBT Ireland’s showroom in Newry or browse their extensive online collection at and let your bathroom transformation begin.

    Address: United Kingdom

    Phone: 028 3085 1963


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