What Kind of Technology Is Used in Whiteboard Animation?

    Nowadays, you can find almost all the information online. Further, businesses seek the best methods to promote their products on the WWW (World Wide Web). One of the methods that marketers use today to promote products and services online that businesses offer is whiteboard animation.

    Moreover, the aforementioned style of animation nowadays relies on technology that is software. In the past, experts relied on traditional techniques to create animated videos in a whiteboard style. Some people still create the same video types in the same way.

    In this post, we shall talk in detail about the technology that experts use to produce whiteboard-animated explainer videos.

    Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos and Their Uses

    Prior to jumping to our main topic, we want you to know about whiteboard-animated explainers and their uses. Videos in the aforementioned style undergo creation with the drawing of static images on the screen or whiteboard first. What’s more?

    The third-person narrator, in general, narrates the script of the aforementioned videos to get the message across to viewers clearly. Moreover, there are various applications of whiteboard animated explainers that whiteboard animation services create.

    We have shared below some of the prominent uses of animated videos in a whiteboard style:

    • Explainer Videos
    • Animated Video Ads
    • Product Videos
    • Educational Videos
    • Technology Used in Whiteboard Animation These Days

    Technology that video animation experts use these days to create whiteboard-animated videos is animation software. Experts use different types of software to produce such animations based on their skills and needs.  We have also talked about some of the most prominent software in this respect below:

    1.      VideoScribe

    VideoScribe is one of the leading animation software to produce creative whiteboard animated explainers. In fact, you can access it at an affordable range of prices. Moreover, VideoScribe requires you to simply select pictures, texts, and backgrounds. Then, it does the rest for you to help you create animated videos in a whiteboard style. There is also a free trial of 7 days available for users for this software.

    2.      Explaindio

    Another software application available to create whiteboard animated explainers is Explaindio. Besides, it is a desktop software available for both PC and Mac users. As a Drag-n-Drop content creator, it allows you to create videos, including whiteboard animation, in minutes. This application is priced reasonably, which makes it a good investment for users interested in creating animated videos on own.

    3.      Adobe Animate

    Adobe Animate is another recommended software application for creating animation in a whiteboard style. In fact, you can create animations for cartoons, games, and more with this program. A 7-day free trial of the same program is available. Then, you need to make monthly payments to access this powerful vector graphics animation software.

    4.      Powtoon

    Powtoon is one of the most affordable software available for creating whiteboard animation and short videos for marketing. It is also a recommended software for creative animation artists (creators) to use for producing animated content. Moreover, you can access a wider range of templates after opting for this software application. It allows you to come up with super-creative whiteboard animated explainers in the long run.

    5.      Camtasia

    Camtasia is basically a video-editing tool and also a go-to software for beginners for creating professional-looking videos like whiteboard animation. Though it is a handy resource, it is quite an expensive program, considering the cost of its single-user license. It also provides you with hundreds of thousands of free stock photos, videos, audio, and more. So, it is also enough to justify why you need to pay more to access Camtasia.

    Traditional Whiteboard Animation and Technology

    We have mentioned at the start of our post about traditional whiteboard videos (animated). Further, we have already talked about how experts deploy software these days for creating whiteboard animated videos. Still, it does not mean animation experts who create traditional whiteboard animation do not use technology. They also rely on technology in various ways, which we have mentioned below:

    ●       Camera Recording

    Irrespective of whether experts use stop motion or individual filming to create traditional whiteboard animated videos, they use cameras. Today, digital cameras remain a pick of animators for creating such videos. Further, animation experts also rely on time-lapse photography to automate capturing frames at specific intervals and create whiteboard animated videos. Sometimes, they do the same thing manually.

    ●       Basic Editing Programs

    Unlike extensive software, experts use basic editing programs to make edits to traditionally animated whiteboard videos they create.

    ●       Lighting and Set-up

    Effective lighting and set-up are another way animation artists rely on technology to produce traditional whiteboard animated videos.

    Apart from what we have said above, experts use modern markers with specific formulations to produce traditional whiteboard animated videos. Before jumping to our conclusion, we shall talk about things you should consider before making your whiteboard animated explainer videos.

    Things to Consider and Create Whiteboard Animated Explainer Videos

    You need to consider a range of things before creating your whiteboard animated explainer videos. We have mentioned them below for you:

    • Consider the storyline of your videos and make sure it addresses your audience’s problem.
    • Provide your solution to the problem that your audience faces via your whiteboard animation.
    • Try to include characters with emotions in your video that your target audience can relate them to.
    • Effectively use the hand drawing everything on a whiteboard, as whiteboard-animated videos are similar to hand drawing.
    • Ensures the drawings in the video are sequential to hold your viewers’ attention and successfully deliver your message.
    • Include a CTA (Call to Action) at the end of your video if its purpose is to drive action.


    One of the methods that businesses use these days to promote their products or services is whiteboard animated explainer videos. The aforementioned video relies on software technology today for its production. Some of the software that experts use in this respect are VideoScribe, Adobe Animate, and Camtasia. However, animation artists also create traditional whiteboard animation but not as much as they produce via software. Animated videos in a whiteboard style also rely on technology in certain ways. To finish, use of camera, basic editing programs, and lighting, to mention those ways.

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